...sometimes even a single feather is enough to fly. (Robert Maclean)


Abstract Eggspressionism

Two of our hens are budding artists in residence, as you can see they have suddenly taken to abstract eggspressionism!  We came home today to find Jackson Pollock-like dots and splots all over their shells!  We're racking our brains to think if we gave them an unusual treat recently that could have influenced shell production... Either way, these girls have some pretty creative cloacas!!!


Well, you know it's cold when the sun goddess has frost all around her edges.
(Doesn't it look like a waxing autumn moon in between the curve of her arm and her face?)


handle with enthusiasm

At first I didn't notice this on my package.  Thankfully I looked more carefully & had a great laugh.  Not your usual 'handle with care,' 'fragile' or 'do not bend' -- all of the high maintenance things we often attach not only to packages or items, but to life, work, relationships.  There's a time & place for everything, including fragility and careful handling...  BUT let's make space for enthusiasm this week.  Cultivate some raucous joy! 


long overdue chicken update

What our flock looks like now (6 months old), in top-down pecking order:

Golden Comet



Jersey Giant

Buff Orpington + Bootsy




the world of eggs

oh lovely of lovelies, yolky beauty! 
the very first egg:   laid mid-October,
by our golden comet, when she was about 22 weeks old...

golden as the sun

+ now our big brahma decided to lay
(only once, after a very nice day)
but I bet you can tell which egg is hers.
As for the rest of the girls, they have applied for Section 8 cooping,
but they hope to pay their rent this spring.