...sometimes even a single feather is enough to fly. (Robert Maclean)


moon, moon


Images from a super awesome out of print book I found at the Booksale.
It's called 'Moon, Moon' by Anne Kent Rush (1976).
It's full of moon lore, poems, songs, images,
and explores the relationship between women and the moon.
It's one of my favorite books to just open up anywhere and start reading.
Now we're coming upon
the November full moon.
In some Native traditions, 
the November moon is called
the geese going moon
 the beaver moon
the frost moon
It's also called
the moon when the water is black with leaves
the moon when the rivers begin to freeze
the moon when all is gathered in.
I love all of these Native moon names.
(and there are so many more!)
They're so alive and resonant.
I like the way the names roll of my tongue,
and remind me that even cold, dark November
is beautiful
and holy
with it's clear place in the order of things,
rooted in place
and time
and meaning.
What other name would you give
to the November moon?


chicken doormat

Friday I came home to a surprise waiting at the doorstep.
At first I thought it was a photo of our very own chickens!
It sure looks like Brahmy and Buffy...
But the second russet-colored hen is what gave it away...
These aren't our girls at all,
but they're still some nice looking hens!
Turns out you actually can get a personalized photo doormat.
I googled several different places...
So if you want one of your chickens, your dogs,
or whatever else excites you --
Personalization Mall seems to be one of the least expensive options.
While these aren't our very own chickens, it sure is fun to arrive home
and be greeted by any kind of chickens. 
Is it functional?
Not so much...  but even if it were,
I don't think I'd feel comfortable
stomping my feet or wiping some mud on their little faces and feathers.
Basically, the mat also serves as a good reminder...
I get home from work, see the chickens at my feet,
and think to myself
"Awwww! I bet the girls would like a visit..."
And so I change into my comfies and boots and head out to the coop...
I say it's for the chickens, but really, it's for me...
The chickens are great therapy
after a day at work.
I ask them for advice on difficult matters
and they never steer me wrong!
Every day they tell me:
Don't worry, be flappy.


Yakety Yak


Weekend chores can be such a drag!
We work all week,
so excited to have the weekend
and to be at home.
But the reality is,
the weekend is just more work.
Different work.
Definitely more pleasant work
because we can do the chores
with or in the company of our loved ones.
We can wear whatever we want.
And take breaks whenever we want.
We can say, 'Oh $#@$% this #%$%#$ !'
and walk away
and come back later. 
Sometimes the chores
are a lot more fun than our day jobs.
I'd take the most grueling, tiresome chores
over a meeting,
hands down,
any day of the week!!!
Still, it's always work,
until we make time for a little play.
Or turn the work into play,
and try to be light-hearted about it.
as soon as something gets scratched off the to-do list,
something else gets added.
My solution is sometimes
when I'm making the 'to-do' list,
I write down things that I've already just done,
to make myself feel better
and the list seem more manageable.
'Oh look! I've already made so much progress...'
I try to trick my brain,
or just simply acknowledge
all of the things that go into
maintaining a home,
maintaining a life.
Things we are always working at.
It's just the way life goes.
If I start to turn a little sour
and get a bad attitude about it all,
I get down with this catchy old tune, Yakety Yak
and it helps the work go faster.


itsy bitsy teeny weeny chicken eggs

This is one sorry excuse for an egg!
Not only are we barely getting any eggs
on these shorter autumn days
(and with the whole flock molting to boot!) 
sometimes when we do manage to get lucky and score a rare egg -
this is what we're getting!
 Itsy bitsy
teeny weenies.
A quick google
tells us that are casually called
'fart eggs.'
Also called 'dwarf' or 'wind' eggs.
It seems like it went down the rabbit hole
in Wonderland and drank the shrinking potion
so it could fit through the little bitty door.
Apparently a 'fart egg' is an egg that developed too quickly in the cycle,
and it rarely contains any yolk - just a glob of albumen that was encased by shell.

Our fart egg is pictured here
next to another egg anomaly,
 an egg with a belly button of sorts.
(It probably has a calcium deposit in the shell). 
Another weird egg type we've gotten a couple of times
is a 'soft-shelled' egg when one of the girls hasn't eaten enough calcium...
they're somewhat translucent and very squooshy... 
Life is always interesting
with these wacky chickens!