...sometimes even a single feather is enough to fly. (Robert Maclean)


buff orpington

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week 7
Comet, or "Commy" as we tend to call her is one of our most gentle girls.  We originally thought she was the Golden Comet (hence the nickname), but now we realize she's the Buff Orpington...   So her nickname, unfortunately, is a misnomer, but it's stuck!  She seems to be the bosom buddy & partner in crime of Dominque (aka "Dommy").  I want to name the two of them Gertrude & Alice B. Toklas, but Commy & Dommy seem to have stuck.  Commy will push her weight around & make sure she gets to be next to Dommy, whether they're out on a foraging frolic or roosting on a perch.  They definitely don't like to be apart for long... much like me & my gal.   

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