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scapes of shallot and garlic & a purslane surprise

We call these "The Scapes of Shallot" because we can't harvest shallots without thinking of Anne of Green Gables, or William Waterhouse's painting, but they are indeed beauties in their own right.  Interspersed are some scapes of garlic (more scape pesto!) & a nutritious surprise found by my sweetie...

She found some wild purslane!  Purslane has a very mild, crispy, juicy almost lemony flavor... (even I like it!)  Cultivated purslane apparently is loaded with Omega-3's, so maybe the same applies to the wild varieties.

But the fun find of the day is this lovely gigantic shallot seed head... to me it looks like a beluga whale rising out of a green sea, with a playful offering of flowers. 

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