...sometimes even a single feather is enough to fly. (Robert Maclean)


Behold, the 'chicken cam!'

In case you had any doubts about just how chicken crazy we are around here...
Let me confirm it once and for all with the chicken cam!

Technically, it's a 'baby monitor' with video and voice capabilities. 
It works like a charm, as you can see here: my sweet little Dominique is getting her wings tucked in and ready for her beauty rest.

We ran a reallllly long extension cord out to the coop and plugged the camera in, which is able to span wide enough to capture everything we care to see:  the perch where the girls roost at night, their nesting boxes, and the little chicken door where they walk in and out of the coop. 

We're not *so* crazy that we have it on all the time, but we do check periodically to see who's in which nesting box.  That is the secret to how we've managed to figure out which eggs belong to which little lady.

Mostly I keep the camera by my bedside so that if we hear foxes or coyotes howling at night we can activate the camera to make sure the ladies are resting peacefully, and then we sleep better ourselves.  In the summer we used to bolt out of bed and run outside in a panic when we heard the coyotes, hearts racing...  we knew we wouldn't want to do that in the winter months, and it just makes it easier overall. 

But my favorite thing about the chicken camera is being able to hear the girls coo at night.
Their coos are the loveliest little sounds, almost like a gentle singing purr. 
Most likely we never would have gotten to hear their sweet sounds otherwise. 

Once in awhile we jokingly immitate the Waltons goodnight calls:
'Goodnight Dommy, Goodnight Buffy, Goodnight Jersey...
Goodnight Brahmy, Goodnight Commy, Goodnight Lorpy, Goodnight Specky!!!'

(Crazy chicken mamas!)

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