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a foray into Zombie territory

Remember the Zombies? 

I wish I did. 
They were technically before my time, like most great music was.
Fortunately with all this technology I find it's easier and easier
to expose myself to sounds and lyrics worth listening to.

So, the Zombies:
Their most popular songs like 'Time of the Season' and 'She's Not There' are great,
but the band has some really lovely hidden gems that I'll share a few of here.

'When My Boat Comes In'
Probably my favorite Zombies song.  It's on the 'New World' album.
I desperately wish I could find the sheet music for it   
so Bootsy could play it on the piano....

I've got summer on the brain.
This version of 'summer time' really resonates.
My teenage self would have chosen Janis Joplin's version
but my adult self goes for this one.

'Lula Lula' -
also from the 'New World' album -
Not an album that I really love all that much but I do love Lula Lula.
This is the newer version but there's also a fabulous 1978 demo of 'Hold My Hand aka Lula Lula'
More tender, soulful, and soft than this one, but I couldn't find any videos of it online.
This one is still quite nice.

Much  more like the typical 1960's Zombies that most are familiar with.
Can't get this one out of my head. 

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