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a fun fix for worn-out mittens

I have a tendency to wear through the thumb area on my mittens...
So my little lady came up with a funky, easy fix for my mitties...

Of course there are the 'traditional' ways to repair mittens,
but let's face it...  not much that she does is traditional!

She decided to give my thumbs a padding patch job of sorts...
I guess you could call them thumb hats,
or maybe more appropriately thumb scarves or 'gators'
 but no matter what you call them, they're fun and silly
and make me smile every time I put them on. 

Plus she surprised me with some other lovely additions,
like the heart stitched in the middle and the little red stitching around the cuff. 
Every time I give them to her for repairs, they come back funkier and funkier. 
I can only imagine what they will look like in a few more years. 

The good news is now I can wear my favorite mittens longer and longer!

The blueish purple makes me think of the little Jack Horner rhyme...
It looks like I've stuck my thumb in a blueberry or plum pie,
something that I could definitely do when no one is looking. 

If you'd like to try a similar patch job at home
all you have to do is knit a little strip
as wide and long enough as you need to wrap around your mitten thumb. 
Then simply sew the strip onto your mitten. 

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