...sometimes even a single feather is enough to fly. (Robert Maclean)


chickens, it's cold outside

By now you should know that we're neurotic about the chickens...
their safety, their health, the quality of food we give them, etc.

We're also neurotic about keeping them comfortable.
When we read that during cold weather, a chicken's comb can freeze,
get frost-bite, the tips turn black and possibly even fall off...
well, we nearly lost our cookies!!!

So, naturally, we must prevent that from ever happening to OUR precious girls!

We splurged on the girls and got them some coop-safe heaters to keep them nice and comfy. 
We put a temperature regulator on the outlet so that they only go on when it gets really cold. 
That combined with their low watt usage, and thankfully we haven't seen any big spikes
in our electric bills. 

Above is a Sweeter Heater.
We hung it from the ceiling so that it's right above the girls when they're sleeping at night
on their big perch. They can spread out and not be competing for the warmest spot...  

This is a ceramic wall-mount heater available from Shop the Coop
During the really coldest days (15 or below) the girls don't even leave the coop
(smart girlies!).  They all love to crowd together on these lower perches 
in front of the ceramic heater because it really radiates nicely.

And speaking of cold...
Sometimes I like to sing to the girls...  This winter I've been singing
'Baby, It's Cold Outside,' though I substitute, 'chickens' for 'baby.'
'Chickens, it's cold outside!'
I can't sing to save my life but the girls seem to enjoy even an out-of-tune tune.

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