...sometimes even a single feather is enough to fly. (Robert Maclean)


highlights from the big 3-3

- celebrating, reflecting, soaking it all in -
breathing in. 
breathing out.


sweet mini daffodils from Ms. Molly
- so thoughtful and so full of light -

look at the lovely edging...

A chicken necklace that looks like my favorite little hen, Dominique
long mitered mittens from Sasha!

They remind me of gauntlets -
armor against the cold and the snow...

a little leather pouch
my sweetheart made for me
with a surprise inside...

and a surprise on the bottom, too!
She painted & stitched the phase that the moon was in for my special day
(waning crescent)

the perfect size to fit in my hand
a little larger than an espresso
exactly the amount of coffee I've gotten into the habit
of drinking each morning

love from Misha in Seattle, all those miles away...
I love
how love
can travel
at the speed of thought

 and from my sister
 a book I've wanted for a long time
full of delicious paintings
that I like to imagine myself in...


flaming june

  Anja outdid herself for my birthday request, which was for yet another gorgeous fruit tart.
She made the peaches look like a flower opening...!

home-made chocolate fudge
from our newest baker - thanks, Jules!
My favorite thing about birthdays
is not just everyone being super nice
and getting to do whatever I want
but it's really about all of the big and small reminders
around me all day
of how loved I am, and how special
all of the people in my life truly are.

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