...sometimes even a single feather is enough to fly. (Robert Maclean)


little garden wreckers

Dag nab it, girls!
This was NOT a good choice!

Okay.  I admit it.
We're discovering that not EVERYTHING about chickens is wonderful.
Getting up earlier and earlier every day is a wee bit of a drag for someone like moi.
(a fix for that is on its way, more to come soon!) 
But this... well, you can see -- is a total bummer. 

Mind you, we still adore the chickens. 
Really, we do.  
We're as neurotic as ever about them.

BUT we can deny the truth no longer. 
We cannot be like those annoying doting parents
who think everything their kids do is miraculous. 

Our sweet little girls are also
lawn-mowing-grass-killing-garden-wrecking tractors in disguise!

Killing off the grass in the chicken yard was one thing. We can live with that. 
(We've got plans to fix it in the works which I'll also share in another post...)

But in all of their scratching at the ground... their attempt to find bugs, gritty rocks,
make little dirt beds to bathe in, or digging simply to cure a case of chicken boredom --
they have actually managed to turn over enough inches of earth to completely excavate bulbs! 
Crocuses and bluebells to be exact. 

(I was thinking that if one living thing was safe from the chickens,
 it would be the bulbs, but alas, I was wrong.)

So much for my deluded vision of the chickens 
clucking merrily about against a backdrop of flowers. 
At the rate these chickens are going, they are going to be clucking
about in a desolate dustbowl of their own making. 

In an effort to rectify some greenery and beauty,
we *might* try planting right outside the fence to see if the chickens
and any living thing can co-exist with the fence as a barrier...
 but I'm still not so sure because the little rascals like to poke their heads through the fence.
In this case, the grass really is always greener on the other side!

Oy vay is all I can say!
I'm starting to get that feeling I get with the squirrels... 
Noticing that I'm spending an inordinate amount of time trying to outsmart creatures
whose brains are the size of pea...

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