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lazy gardening

So maybe there's no such thing as a lazy gardener.
All gardening is a good amount of work and a labor of love,
or at the very least, a labor of wanting to eat.

But if there is such a thing as a lazy gardener, I am it. 

But I forget about that every year when I go crazy going through seed catalogs,
 planning what amazing things I could do.

The problem (besides my lack of stamina for back-breaking labor!)
is that we just don't have any really prepared areas in which to grow anything.
We're working on that this year. 
Maybe next year we'll have created "room to grow." 

As of right now, here is my lazy half-baked method:

Sugar Daddy Sugar Snap Peas
(after germinating in a wet paper towel in the kitchen for a few days)

I walked out of the house with my little sprouting peas in hand
and this looked like as good a spot as any!
Why not?

Oh FYI: 
Pressure treated lumber contains arsenic and will leach into your soil. 
Last time I checked, no one really wants to eat arsenic. 
 Kind of defeats the purpose of growing your own vegetables.
So, have your soil tested if you want to eat anything that's growing right near pressure-treated lumber. 

Here's some space in the front flower gardens where nothing has come up yet. 
I planted some peas here, too...

I guess we'll have to wait and see if my laziness will work or not!

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