...sometimes even a single feather is enough to fly. (Robert Maclean)


our felted flock!

Here they are,
felted replicas
of our 7 little hens!

Dominique + Golden Comet, bosom buddies...

Com never pecks on Dom...
Dom is lowest on the chicken totem pole,
so it's nice for her to have a protective friend! 

They perch side by side like this every night...
so sweet!

(thanks to our handy dandy chicken cam, we know these things!)

Elvis lives! 

Just kidding... it's Brahma, but she's definitely ready to bust out
with a microphone and do her best Elvis impersonation.

Then there's Buffy (the queen) and Specky, our Americauna.

Don't they look like they're at a dance party?!

And last but not least, Jersey and Lorpy on the right...
(they're just arriving at the dance party)

They USED to pair up and sleep side by side at night, too, just as shown here.
But alas, Jersey has been the broodiest girl for the loooooongest time
(since almost 6 weeks ago when we got our new dog!)

Silly broody girl.

She hasn't been on the perch since she refuses to leave her little special nest
that is never ever going to hatch any chicks because we don't have a rooster!

I tell her time and again, but she still thinks
it's going to be an immaculate conception of some sort.

The neighbors across the street have a rooster, but
I haven't seen him sneaking into our chicken yard.

Then again, his name is Tricky Dick,
so I guess you just never know.

(All of their hens are named after first ladies...
There's Eleanor, Nancy, Barbara,
and if I recall -- Martha and Hillary and Lady Bird...

I think they introduced some new hens this year,
so maybe by  now they have Michelle!

Stay tuned for more to come about brooding behavior.

And if you're interested in getting replicas of your own critters,


  1. They're the sweetest little flock I've ever seen...all they need is a pair of their own Aurora shoes!

    1. Love that idea! Maybe a few of them will want Birkenstocks, too.

  2. Love it! Thanks for the feature. This was by far my favorite order to create, what fantastic personalities your birds have!

  3. Glad to feature you, Ruth! You captured their personalities so well!!!