...sometimes even a single feather is enough to fly. (Robert Maclean)


chicken hide-and-seek

Some days I go out to the chicken yard
and it's like playing Where's Waldo.

I know they're there somewhere!

So, where are those chickens, anyway?

On a hot day they're often gathered under anything shady.

Smart chickens, they are.

If you look carefully you can see several of the girls.
5 to be exact...
(2 were in the coop!)

Some girls aren't predisposed towards hiding or blending in, though.
Like Big Brahma Mamma just sticks right out.
No matter what she tries to do.
But my sweet little Dominique,
she likes to play hide and seek!

Sometimes she thinks if I can't see her face
then I can't really see her!

But she quickly comes out to say Hello
and to see if I have anything for her to eat!

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