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root beer float

The best root beer float combo:

Root beer floats are probably my #1 favorite summer treat. 
I have been on the quest to make the perfect root beer float for my tastebuds for years.

I need search no more!

After trying at least two dozen different root beers,
I found and am 100% pleased with Boylan's root beer.
It has the right balance of spice and bite tempered with a luscious creaminess.

Turns out I'm not alone in my love of Boylan's.
in a long line up of very worthy contendors.
 Then the ice cream.

I sampled every vanilla I could get my hands on.

 As much as I really really wanted to love a locally-made vanilla ice cream the most,
 alas, I cannot tell a lie.

 After the locally made, I sampled various mainstream and organic brands...

In the end, nothing compares to Haagen Dazs vanilla bean. 

It's the real deal. 

So many vanilla bean flecks.  Such a deep flavor.
Such a fabulous mouth feel.

 Then the two
get married
in a frosty glass
that's been chillin' in the freezer.

 Oh baby.
It's a beautiful thing.

Rises up and bubbles and pops and

 oh yeah.

and more yum!!!

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