...sometimes even a single feather is enough to fly. (Robert Maclean)


chicken spoon rest

One thing about our chickens is that they love to be around us.
They come running and a'flappin whenever they see us.
And crazy or not, we really love to be around them, too...

They make us smile.  
They make us kick back and just relax.
We sit with them.  They fly up on our laps and want some love, 
so we pet and talk to them.  
When I say talk, I really mean make chicken sounds back at them.
You should really try it some time.

Sometimes we wish we could just bring them in the house with us, 
but we know it would be an awful mess and there's nothing we hate more than messes!
(Never mind the fact that the dogs would definitely eat them!!!)

So we find other ways to bring 'the girls' in the house.
 And here is one way that's both useful and fun. 

You see, Jersey really wanted to come in and perch next to the stove
 and serve as a resting place for all of our spoons - 
whether they're coming from the sauce pot, the stock pot, or the skillet - 
she doesn't care...  
She just likes to keep us company in the kitchen
and to help us out.

She's a little bit of a daredevil (er, darechicken)...

It's as close as she'd like to get to the stove, 
without ever being in it or on it! 

You can get your very own chicken spoon rest on Etsy here.

I love how this hen even has brown eyes, just like our girl Jersey really does.
Aw shucks.

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