...sometimes even a single feather is enough to fly. (Robert Maclean)



It was a sad day today.

See these eggs here?

We had to BUY eggs for the first time in almost a year.

When we got chickens, we thought we'd never have to buy eggs again.

Turns out, the sweet little ladies are molting.
(i.e. losing all their feathers, and growing new feathers.)

Our feather-losing flock of 7
is laying 1-2 eggs per day, at best. 

Which doesn't quite cut the mustard in an egg-loving,
frittata-eating, cookie-baking family such as ours.

Oh, girls.
You've gotta pick up your game!

It's really embarassing buying eggs
when we pamper our chickens
like no chickens have been pampered before.


Turns out that molting happens this time of year.
Seems counter-intuitive, right?
Why would chickens lose their feathers when it's starting to get cold?
I have no idea.

But it takes so much energy (lots of protein) to grow new feathers,
they can't also make eggs.

This ordeal can go on for up to six weeks.

So I guess we have to get used
to the idea
of eating someone else's eggs,
which just seems
so weird.

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