...sometimes even a single feather is enough to fly. (Robert Maclean)


moon, moon


Images from a super awesome out of print book I found at the Booksale.
It's called 'Moon, Moon' by Anne Kent Rush (1976).
It's full of moon lore, poems, songs, images,
and explores the relationship between women and the moon.
It's one of my favorite books to just open up anywhere and start reading.
Now we're coming upon
the November full moon.
In some Native traditions, 
the November moon is called
the geese going moon
 the beaver moon
the frost moon
It's also called
the moon when the water is black with leaves
the moon when the rivers begin to freeze
the moon when all is gathered in.
I love all of these Native moon names.
(and there are so many more!)
They're so alive and resonant.
I like the way the names roll of my tongue,
and remind me that even cold, dark November
is beautiful
and holy
with it's clear place in the order of things,
rooted in place
and time
and meaning.
What other name would you give
to the November moon?

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