...sometimes even a single feather is enough to fly. (Robert Maclean)


remembering Tucker

In Loving Memory
of Tucker
March 4, 2001 - January 12, 2013
Time goes by so fast.

There's never ever enough of it. 
No amount of it would have felt like enough,
or made me ready for this change...

This me-without-you business.
It hurts. 

I miss you just about everywhere I go and
in everything I do.

(I see you around every corner,
waiting for me, looking, wagging,
talking to me without words...)

Despite all of the hurting
and the missing
I have oh so much gratitude for you...

For the time we did have together,
for the deep connection that endures,
and for the Love that shines on.

Thank you, Sweet Bear.
Thank you for sharing
your beautiful
and precious Life
with me.

Thank you for looking at me with those eyes
every day for almost 12 years... 
And thank you for all of the things
you taught me, like...

Sometimes you just need to take a flying leap!

And stop and smell the flowers...
Don't hesitate to make unabashed googly eyes
at the person you love...
And be a good friend no matter what the weather...
 Put your foot (or feet!) down when you need to.
Check something out thoroughly
before making any decisions.
 Remember who loves you.
And where you live.
 Catch the sun every chance you get.
Let it light you up inside and out. 
 Toss your head back and feel how exquisite and lucky it is to be alive,
no matter what problems you might also be having. 
(Do this on a regular basis for best results).
Be ready for adventure.
So much of life is about perspective.
You can be the King or Queen
 of your own mountain (or mulch pile),
in your own little corner of the world.
 Don't be afraid to play with other dogs
who are younger, bigger, or stronger than you.
You can hold your own.
Stick your neck out sometimes
because some of the best smells are out dancing on the wind.
Get your paws dirty every chance you get.
The greatest pleasures are always the simplest. 
 Follow your instincts and be true to your nature. 
Take plenty of naps
and enjoy the creature comforts along the way... 
 And if there comes a time
when the body that houses your wondrous Spirit is failing...
If you can't do much else, just close your eyes.
Use your imagination to tap into the infinite beauty of your memories...
Reach out with your paw or nudge with your nose those who love you most,
and they will take care of you.   
All of these things will give you strength
and take you where you need to go.

In the end, Love is what it's all about. 
And Love never ends.
Love is forever. 
It just keeps going on and on and on...


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