...sometimes even a single feather is enough to fly. (Robert Maclean)


seedy things

There are some seedy things going on around here.
Down in our basement.
It's getting seedier and seedier all the time.
Here, in the morning:

Look at this pepper push through the surface. 
(I'm always in awe of how tender seedlings have the strength
to move several times their weight in soil... how in the world do they do it?)

A little pepper, mid-morning,
waiting to reach up and open itself.


 And here they are, a row of gatherer's gold peppers, showing us how it's done...
a little bit at a time. 

Now, a couple of days later, there are rows and rows
of light worshippers!

so beautiful!

Some of them look like they're jumping for joy...
If they could flap their tiny leafy arms, I bet they'd say

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