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the edible moon project

My friend Sarah told me about this awhile back...
I think it might have been her niece, working on a project for school,
who made the phases of the moon out of Oreos!

This project may give new meaning to the term 'full moon'
since you'll eat your way through it...  

I loved this idea and finally made it for myself.
All you need is a pointy knife or toothpick and some cookies.

Being the super duper organic eaters that we are, we of course don't have Oreos around... 
I stopped at our local co-op to get these one version of 'healthier' knock-offs.

They're a pathetic waste of calories, in my opinion.    
(barely any cream, and what cream there is -- is pasty, dry, and and overly sweet.) 

So folks, the lesson is:  if you're going to try this at home, I highly suggest getting actual Oreos.  

Probably the top cookie makes a cleaner break than these, too,
 which would make for an even nicer MOON. 

You'll need 7 cookies to show the 8 phases, since the new moon requires no cream.

And here's the 'triple moon' symbol
(waxing, full, waning)
aka the 'triple goddess' 
which in paganism stands for the three natural phases of a woman's life
(maiden, mother, crone).

Have fun getting jiggy with your moons!  

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