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gooseneck loosestrife

It struck me one morning how much this reminded me of our ducks, 
especially seeing this group of three duck-like flowers in one spot. 

I didn't know what it was, so I did a little research.
It's lysimachia clethroides, commonly called gooseneck loosestrife.
 Gooseneck, duckneck, whatever.

It's really lovely, but be careful with this one in the garden.

In the right conditions 
(which seem to be just about anything based on browsing some online forums),
 it multiplies like crazy and can take over in a flash.

 Some people sound positively honking mad and haven't been able to tame it,
in fact it's become the bane of their gardening existence. 

I suspect those are the gardeners who prefer to have every leaf and every weed under tight control... Those types of gardeners we most certainly are not.
(If we were, we'd be in big trouble!)

So far ours isn't out of control, it's just right.
 It takes a lot more than an overgrowth of flowers
to drive us honking mad, anyway.

But we'll have to keep a close eye on it 
(like the bumblebee "eye" on the left flower)...

White Flower Farms suggests planting it with equally "enthusiastic" flowers 
such as monarda and coreopsis.  They will keep each other in check.

The bees and butterflies love this gooseneck loosestrife, 
and that can't be a bad thing, since our pollinators are so precious...

More on that topic to come at another time...
Until then, be well.
Be ducky.  Be goosey. 
Or just bee!

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