...sometimes even a single feather is enough to fly. (Robert Maclean)


rainbows everywhere...

Probably the best $25 I ever spent was on this round crystal prism.  

I hung it up in our west-facing bedroom window and it doesn't look like much until 
every afternoon, as long as there's a little sun,
it gives forth a whole bunch of rainbows.

Those closer to the window are smaller...

And then they get bigger as they disperse throughout the room...

This one was probably 8" long head to tail!

They splash across the bed, too.

I love to lie down and feel the rainbows around me.

The light has great energy.  

Good vibes.

 They even make my basket of laundry look kind of sweet.
(though I hear from my girlfriend that it'd be way sweeter 
if I folded and put my clothes away instead of looking at them!)


You know, sometimes I wish I had a prescription pad, 
because there are some things I would definitely write a prescription for.  
I would write a prescription for crystal prisms in a heartbeat!

I'm sure they'd take my license away, because I'd be prescribing things 
like talking to chickens,
and running with your arms flapping at your sides to pretend like you're flying.  

They'd call me a quack, 
and I would give them my best rendition of a duck vocalization.

So, my dear blog "patients":
If you have east or west facing windows, 
get yourself some crystals and kiss the rainbow.  

Kiss two rainbows and call me in the morning!

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