...sometimes even a single feather is enough to fly. (Robert Maclean)


my favorite day

A.A. Milne got it.  
Pooh got it. 
I think I get it, too.

But I don't think that what they're expressing is about being Pollyanna.
It's not that everything is beautiful and fun and great,
or that we should pretend that it is.

Even Pooh is known to fret
and say "oh bother"
whenever anything isn't going as he'd like it to.  

It's that whole "when life give you lemons, make lemonade" business.
 Some days might not feel like a gift,
but it's what we've got.
Maybe on some days something happens that makes it feel anything but a gift...
I've been there.  I certainly won't argue with that.  

Maybe we have to do something we've been dreading.

Or something might happen 
somewhere on the broad spectrum of 
things that don't feel good or make us happy


absolutely unthinkable.
Some days all you can do is survive, 
get through the day, and maybe that is the gift.

I suspect for many of us, though,
most days have a whole lot of good
and a whole lot of things to be grateful about.

If we shifted our attitudes a bit,
took some deep breaths, reflected on the bigger picture,
we could have a lot more days
when we could say what Pooh is saying
and feel it to be true.

Some days we could probably also do some things
to make it be true. 

A positive self-fulfilling prophecy.
Manifesting the good.

So, without yacking on any longer,
I will simply say that I hope today is your favorite day.
And the next today and the next one after that, too.

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