...sometimes even a single feather is enough to fly. (Robert Maclean)


acorns in parking lots

The other day my sweetie came home with these exquisite beauties:

I imagined she had gone off into some wild woods somewhere 
to find such gorgeous acorn specimens...

Turns out, she found them in a parking lot!

Just goes to show that beautiful things can be everywhere...

So, don't assume if you're out doing errands and other drudgery
that there aren't treasures under your nose
or your toes...
Here's a branch with some leaves that these acorns came from.
I know there are hundreds and hundreds of types of oaks...
no clue what variety this is.

But I just found this amazing link 
 175 pages of info and photos.

Based on the shape, it could be a type of white oak.
If you know trees and could help identify, please post a comment! 

I wonder if acorn caps were the original thimble?
I love how no matter what you put them on, they always look like a hat!

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