...sometimes even a single feather is enough to fly. (Robert Maclean)


paint spills into peace signs

Several years ago, my little lady was moving some paint around outside 
and I should have known some spillage would happen.

She has a real penchant for paint spills.

Once, in a bedroom that had wall-to-wall carpeting at the time,
she managed to knock off an almost-full gallon of paint from a ladder.

That was fun.

The carpet clean-up didn't result in any artistic expressions,
perhaps some flagrantly artistic verbal expressions...
But the spill in the driveway had some options we could work with.

Initially, we painted the driveway blacktop sealer stuff over it to cover up the big goof.
But this year, the weather had worn it all off and the big goof up was exposed again.

I suggested we make the best of it and just paint something fun on it, like maybe a peace sign.
Well, before I knew it, Boo had taken the idea and run with it,
and the next time I stepped outside I saw this:

Everything she does has such a quality of lightness and fun.
I love it.

I asked her why she chose to not make it larger to cover the whole spill,
and she said she decided to leave the edges of the spill as a reminder
that sometimes we mess up, sometimes $hit happens...

but it's all what we make of it.

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