...sometimes even a single feather is enough to fly. (Robert Maclean)


up on the perch

The little girls have really been trying to be like big girls.
Practicing all the big girl things.

About a week and a half ago, they started trying to get up on the perches.
Commie came into the coop with them and found them perched in all sorts of places...
The silliest girl was up on top of the wall heater!

 Commie takes it all in stride.
"Now girls, listen... I'll tell you all about perching..."

 They were thoroughly impressed with themselves and what their little wings can do.

 I think Mamma even egged them on a little bit.
She was up there telling them to try to come up onto the bigger perch with her.

I could see them thinking through the process... 

"Okay, I back down on my feet to get a good strong lift-off,
I focus my attention on the perch where I want to go..."
...and then take a flying leap and hope for the best!

 They had a wobbly landing, but two of them got to the big perch from the little perches!

 The silly girl, 
the one who was up on top of the heater,
somehow managed to fly all the way up to the big perch from the bottom of the coop.

Some serious wing power she's got!
But she wasn't satisfied being ON the perch.
She wanted to get even higher,
so she had to get up on Mamma.

But Mamma wasn't having any of that. 

Lesson learned, silly chickie.
Don't hop on Mamma while she's perching.

Just as they were recovering from that debacle, 
the big girls started to come into the coop to roost.
Their Aunties didn't like the little girls taking their favorite spots.

Mamma Commie decided it was best for the little girls 
to just stick with her  for a little while longer.  

They weren't ready for the big time.  
They couldn't hold their own up there with the rest of the flock,
and she couldn't protect them as easily.

So, back under Mamma they went.

Silly chickie fussed a bit.
"But Mommmmmm!   I really want to try to fly up on the perch again tonight!"

"Tough chicken $hit, young lady!  
Get under my wing now!  I've had enough antics from you for one night!"


So that was before.

Tonight when we went out to the coop,
we saw the cutest thing:

The girlies sure are growing up.
They're smartening up, too.
Staying on the lower perch and not messing with their Aunties.

Mamma is down in the brood spot right underneath them...!

I think that maybe she's there just in case one of them gets chilly 
or gets tired of perching and wants to rest under her wings...

She really does get the mother of the year award!


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