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fall leaf composting

My computer is on the fritz and it's frustrating and inconvenient.
The best I can do blog-wise right now is to share some links
while I wait for my computer to get fixed up.
As usual, I've got gardens on the brain. 
Thinking about what to do to put the gardens to bed for the cooler months,
and to do as much prep work for next year's growing season as possible.
Check out this Ted Talk video. 
I don't love everything about it, but it has a worthwhile message.

I love thinking about leaves as solar energy collectors,
 nutrient-dense with minerals from deep within the earth.

I'm going to start cruising around neighborhoods
where they do curbside yard "waste" pickup. 
More like curbside composting treasures! 
I actually got my first two bags today on the way home from work! 
Time to great shredding and spreading...

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