...sometimes even a single feather is enough to fly. (Robert Maclean)


chickie update

So the Littles aren't so little anymore.
They're starting to look like real hens.

 Here's Goldie, looking fabulous.

And Betty, who isn't so white right now
since she walked underneath some freshly painted chairs.
Curiosity painted the hen, I guess!

Betty doesn't stay still long enough, or she's always at our feet,
making it hard to get a good full-body photo.
But here she is on the top step going up to the pool:

with Goldie and then Emmaline.

 Speaking of Emmaline. 

SHE might be a HE, 
so Emmaline might be Emmett.

If she IS a she, well hot damn...! 
I've never seen a hen with so many colors.

The iridescent green in her tail feathers and at the end of her wing feathers... 
and all of those other colors... 
paired with her very, very bossy and dominant behavior.
She might be a roo.

Then again, I've heard that there can be mixed-sex birds
and some hens can take on the "role" of a rooster,
crowing and some even have spurs.

No spurs or crows here yet, 
we'll just have to wait and see and hear 
what comes out of Ms. Emmaline.
Or Mr. Emmett.

Oy vay.
I've read that Easter Eggers are one breed that are challenging to sex,
and they may have had a mix-up at the hatchery.

We never wanted a rooster 
because the girls are so happy on their own
and we've heard so many stories about mean roosters that make us really reluctant.

If Emmaline is Emmett, we'll just have to see how that goes for a bit.
 But let's not think about that for now. 

Tadaaaaa, here's our one last beautiful girl:
She is such a pretty girl.
She's a very busy forager, and she often stands up tall.

 When I took this photo of our wacky little additions, 
I told them to 
say cheese!
or, say mealworms!
Say Hi to the blog readers!   

Everyone but Betty listened to my directions the first time,
and by the time Betty tuned in, the others had lost their attention span.
Oh well, such is life with chickens...

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