...sometimes even a single feather is enough to fly. (Robert Maclean)


Kalinda's eggs

 Remember the three chicks Commie adopted in May?
Well, they're big girls now and Kalinda was the first one to prove it!

 She surprised us and laid her first egg this week!
And she's been laying every day since...  woweeee!  What a girl!

Her very first egg.
Covered in pigment blotches...

Her first couple of eggs were covered in pigment blotches
but now the pigment is evening out.
Kind of like the magic paint mixer inside of her 
worked out some kinks,
and now, voila!
a beautiful blended color shell...!

Shown next to a square of chocolate for comparison...
Cuckoo marans are nicknamed the "chocolate eggers"
and I can see why!

Here's Kalinda's most recent egg on the right,
shown next to a standard brown egg for comparison.

Hot diggity!

Supposedly Cuckoo Marans eggs 
get darker with time.
She's only on her fourth egg
 and they're already looking so dark and lovely!

Aw shucks, Kalinda.
Thank you for making our egg cartons even more colorful!

Kalinda's eggs are growing in size every day -- she may have even laid a double yolker!
Check out that tall one on the front right...


Kalinda is so proud of herself
that she wanted a special spotlight on the blog.
It's sort of like her quinceanera,
or bat mitzvah...
her coming of age!
I'm very happy to oblige her.
It's the least I can do for those beautiful eggs.
So without further ado,
here is 
the one, the only 
Kalinda the Cuckoo Maran:

her close-up

 with some greenery framing her

 a profile shot
(she said her left side is best, but I told her she's beautiful every which way)

 showing off her foraging skills

and here she is confidently doing the chicken walk through a path of leaves

Three cheers for Kalinda!

Felicitaciones, Kalinda!
Mazel Tov, Kalinda!

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