...sometimes even a single feather is enough to fly. (Robert Maclean)


kids trying to save the earth

One of my favorite things about working at a school 
is seeing the things the kids come up with.

Lately a very motivated group of 3rd graders 
have really been on a crusade to save the planet.

  tip:  plant trees.  
Kids are excellent at stating the obvious.
tip: don't chop trees down.

And we all have to stop politing.
Politing is bad for our health.
 Just say how you really feel.  Express yourself.
Don't be politing all the time, because holding in your feelings raises your blood pressure.
Then again, one of my fourth graders thinks yelling too much can give you a stroke.
So I guess it's all about the balance, people...!

Oh wait, they meant POLLUTING! 
Yeah, that's bad for our health, too!

Plese don't do that! 

Caveat:   just don't pick up anything sharp or icky or dangerous...
like needles, or condoms, or weapons.  
Get a grown up to help with those things. 
And don't forget to use wash your hands after you pick up litter!

* and I bet your families would be really happy 
if you make sure to also pick up your stuff in your house, right?


Or the fish will be very sad.
Don't you want to turn their frowns upside down?
I do!

Those fish are SO sad, people.

Notice how a piece of garbage goes
on the head of a starfish.
Poor starfishy.

Go ahead and save the animals,
just don't let that red fox eat our chickens, okay?

Forget how confused this artist gets about apostrophes...
If you've noticed, she throws them in a lot when there's an S at the end of a word.
She's still learning, people. 
Cut her some slack.
I was nervous for a second that I was going to have to choose BETWEEN
the Iberian lynx and the spider monkeys!

Al Gore would be really happy to know that 
our 3rd graders are also concerned about global warming.

But somewhere in the world a Republican Congressman is thinking about
bringing a lawsuit against the third graders for not using the term "climate change"
and for discouraging the use of petroleum products.

And my personal favorite:
I'm totally going to the monkey bars at recess to join the Anti-Pollution Club.

And here is one last poster, completely unrelated:

If only I had a pencil handy, 
I would have sighned myself up to sing and dance at the disco lolley pop party!

(Hey, even environmentalists have to shake their groove thing!)

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