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loving thoughts for Huck

  Our sweet boy Huck has only been with us since last February.
He finally has the good life that he deserves.
We're lucky to have found him, and he assured us that the feeling is mutual. 

He's a very special boy, with a gentle soul.   

So how obscenely unfair is it
that no sooner than he gets a good family and a good life, 
that he gets an aggressive bone cancer and is dealt a very poor life expectancy?

We're stunned and angered by the enormous injustice of it all.
So what can we do?
Besides sobbing...
and cursing... 

We can thank him for the beautiful gift of who he is.
We can do whatever we can do 
to make the rest of his life the best that it can be.
We can be grateful for each day. 
And we keep on loving him, no matter how much our hearts hurt.

Huck is so stoic
 that the vet couldn't believe based on his xrays 
that his leg hadn't just fractured by now.

 Mind you, Huck doesn't want anyone feeling sorry for him.
He doesn't feel sorry for himself.  Not for a second.

His spirit is so positive and bright.  

It's been a whirlwind the last two days, getting a diagnosis, and figuring out next steps.
He's already lived longer than most dogs do with this condition, so we're astonished and grateful that all of our (Boo's!) supportive care has helped him so much, to last him this long and get him this far.

Tomorrow they will be removing his bad leg
which should almost immediately decrease his pain and improve his quality of life.
He'll learn how to balance and walk on 3. 

He'll join the illustrious group of tripawd dogs.
He'll be a shining star.
Because he already is.  

Be brave, sweet boy.
You can do it!
We're right here waiting for you.
In a couple of weeks you'll be able to play with your sister again
and you'll be chasing squirrels and airplanes like a pro.
We can hardly wait. 

love fur-ever and ever,
your Mammas


p.s. Dear readers, please send positive thoughts and energy Huck's way 
for a fast and lasting recovery! 

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