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garden highlights at the end of May

My apologies for the long lapse between blogs lately.
There's so much to talk about! 

But for now, here's a visual update with highlights of the gardens
here at the end of May.

Come on in!
Our wacky locust post gate is holding up well... 

Things are growing and growing around here.
dill that re-seeded!

another lovely perennial
with gorgeous edible blossoms
 pole beans
(with parsley that overwintered!)

 Doesn't it look like the beans are dancing around the poles?
It makes me think of Matisse's Dance painting.
or swinging on the Maypole as a kid...
I loved to swing on the Maypole.  
That was a ton of fun...

Lettuce pray...
for lots of buttery and crisp lettuce this year.
In the name of Sun and Rain and Soil.

tatsoi that reseeded itself
(thank you, tatsoi!)

Another plant that should just keep on keeping on.
(i.e. low maintenance and loving it!)

Those of you unfamiliar with them -- walking onions are amazing!
They bulb at the top and then the heavy top falls, or "walks" over, and propagates itself.
You can also snip the tops and eat them.  
The entire thing is edible and so far, no heartburn.
A very easy to digest allium.

Red Russian kale.
We have some that we planted and some that reseeded.

One of my favorite spots in the garden is this little walkway filled with wayward kale.

I love wayward vegetables. 
first time ever growing brussel sprouts!

Our weather has been wacky in the extreme, 
and not the most conducive to peas,
but I'm pleased to see that some are fairing alright... 

(Especially considering that I planted them so haphazardly...!)
I didn't have an actual garden spot prepared for them...
I simply raked a few inches thick of wood chips to the edge of the fence
and then made a shallow furrow filled with composted manure, 
and planted them in the manure and hoped for the best. 
I'm honestly amazed they germinated!

I'm trying to connect two small raised beds to make a longer one.
The gap between is somewhat curved and wouldn't be easy to join with wood, 
so I'm experimenting with using grapevine and rebar to make a wattled edge.
This isn't finished, but I like the way it looks.

TriStar strawberry...
First of the year in our little patch!

We're trying our hand at bucket gardening one more time...
this time, in one of our sunniest locations, up on the pool deck.
I'll spread them around and space them out
and use the railing to help stake and support them.
They got nipped by frost, but hopefully they'll recover.
blueberry blossoms
so lovely, like little bells or fairy cups
and with a very delicate fragrance...

horseradish flower!




 two hearts hanging out on a limb
(aka some of the last dicentra blossoms of the season).



(which is very important for Monarch butterflies...
Monarchs lay their eggs in milkweed and it's the only thing Monarch caterpillars eat!)
So, don't pull your milkweed...!  Let it be!


 the goddesses of the sun and moon
infuse the garden with their energy...


solomon's seal

a very happy frog.

a very special rabbit

 a special bluebird 
who likes to perch at the edge of the back garden fence

 two very extra special doggers 
who love to go wherever we go...

 And last but not least
there's some news in the chicken yard...

Stay tuned for some clucking updates soon!

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