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egg celebrations

We've been having an egg-celebration around here.
(In the last week, two of our young hens started to lay their eggs!!!)

I was at work, but Boo messaged me to tell me that 
our dear little Connie was frantically looking everywhere to find a spot to do her business
(even though she had no clue what her "business" was, at least not that very first time...)  

She didn't have to know what it was to know that it felt urgent.
Her henny instincts told her to find a spot that was just right...

 Connie was on a mission.
She looked everywhere.
Inside things.
Under things.
Behind things.
In every little nook and cranny she could find.

Nothing would do.

is the just right spot?

She looked in the corner of the coop addition 
where some of the older girls used to like to lay...

Not right. 

She looked in the old hutch,
the one where the little field mice have made a permanent home in the drawer...

Not right.

She looked in the old dog house (we filled it with comfy bedding).

Not right.

The ramshackle nesting boxes that Kalinda used to love...
Not right.

She looked in the nesting boxes I built
(we stapled some fabric curtains to make it cozier and darker inside...)

Still not right.
Her sisters were really beginning to wonder what all the frantic searching was about...

She looked in the old duck house... 
la maison des canards
Still not quite right...
pas tout à fait à droite...! 
Then, finally...
 She found Brahmie's old chicken tractor in the shed.

And she found a way...
 to go under the front edge, hop up, and then into the back where it's dark and cozy. 
What a girl!

 Buttercup started the same frantic search
a few days later.

And guess what?
She wants the same spot Connie wants.

I guess everything about it is...
 just right.

(Or she just wants it because Connie wants it...!)

So now they squawk over who gets dibs.
Today it was like musical nesting boxes.
Up and down.
One in, one out...
(Move it, sister!)
Squawk! Squawk! Squawk!
Over and over again.
So there you have it.
Two of our little "mediums" are no longer mediums.
They are officially big girls now...
They've marched their way into hen-hood.

 Connie's first little eggs are kind of round-ish.

 Buttercup's are pointy and spotted.


Boo even made an egg-selent celebratory cake,
with one of the new eggs as the centerpiece.
But alas, before I got to take a picture of it,
even though Boo thought she had put it safe and sound 
out of reach of our counter-surfing dogs...

Yep, you guessed it...
Clara jumped up and used either her teeth or her furry paws 
to pull the platter with cake and all 
off the back of the top of the toaster oven
down onto the counter, and she ate what was left.
(apparently Boo forgot that the top of the toaster oven is NOT safe).


Well, Little Miss Naughty 
didn't get dinner or breakfast
after that fiasco.

So you'll just have to imagine the beautiful 4-layer yellow cake
with a layer of strawberry jam,
covered in dreamy buttercream frosting
with one of Buttercup's eggs nestled on top.


We should have known better about Ms. Clara.
She's a real appreciator of the finer things in life.
Her philosophy is like Mae West's:
"too much of a good thing can be wonderful."

Oh, Clara.  

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