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Bootsy's tricks to a tender & moist frittata

We had heaps of eggs from our girls, so Boo decided to make a frittata for breakfast today. 
She works so quickly in the kitchen that it's hard to get photos of her process.  
After beating 8 eggs (medium size, cuz that's what the ladies are layin'),
she added her own random amounts of:
 caramelized onion, cheddar, and a pinch of salt & pepper. 

Cooked, (covered), on medium low,
as she insists the trick is to not overcook them. 

Then she transferred the pan to the toaster oven (who cares if the door doesn't quite shut?),
where they are closer to the heat & the top gets nice and browned. 
 Plate and garnish with whatever herb you're in the mood for:

So simple & soooooooo good! 

And I am astonished that even with hardly any grass to eat this time of year,
but with lots of love, space to roam, and a good source of organic feed --
 our hens are laying eggs with yolks as yellow as a school bus! 

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