...sometimes even a single feather is enough to fly. (Robert Maclean)



Our raw milk is precious (especially this time of year), but when we have a little extra to spare we can't resist giving it to the girls.  It's not easy capturing a good picture of the girls drinking milk, because they go 'chicken-wild' the moment we set it out for them...  It's hysterical watching them dip their beaks in, then tip their heads back and chug it down their gullets in a big glug-glug-glug.  In the process, it drips down their wattles and spills all over their front.  It's not exactly a chicken milk moustache, more like a chicken milk goatee!   When too much milk has pooled in the curves of their wattles, they give a good shake, spraying little milk droplets all over their friends.  A good time is had by all. 

We are fortunate enough to have been early members of a raw milk CSA in our area:   Meadowsweet Farm has been providing the most nutritious, creamy, delicious milk for several years now despite ongoing battles with Ag & Markets.  For more information on why raw milk from grass-fed animals is good for you, visit:  A Campaign for Real Milk and Raw Milk Facts.  We especially love Meadowsweet because they are a true small family farm.  Not a 'family farm' with 2,000 cows in cramped facilities... au contraire mes amis:  when we toured Meadowsweet's (very clean) barn, they have fewer than a dozen sweet-faced, eyelash batting jersey cows (all with names), and the whole family participates in their care.

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