...sometimes even a single feather is enough to fly. (Robert Maclean)


all in a day's work

As if we needed one more reason that chickens are amazing, here it is:
Once you have chickens, you no longer need to rototill!

Just let them do what they do best,
and you'll be ready for a garden in no time.

(I love that the chickens help support my lazy gardening inclinations.)
Thanks, girls!

Check it out -- this is after just one afternoon. 
Look at them go!

Buffy's taking a water break.
You've got to stay hydrated to do good work, after all. 

Specky started clearing this in no time flat.  
Look at the great job she can do!

She quietly goes about her business, with impressive focus and stamina. 
They all have excellent attention to detail. 
No bug, worm or tick goes unnoticed...

But after a hard day's work in the gardens, a girl needs a good rest and a good bath. 

And if you're a chicken, you need a dust bath.

The girls create these little hollowed out places to roll about in.
They take their wings and fluff as much dirt up into all of their feathers as they can manage.
They literally get as dirty as they possibly can. 
What fun!

You can get an idea of how gross Buffy gets here:

It might look like it's all just chicken fun and games, but it's really good for other reasons, too.

As the old hens say to the young hens:
A dust bath a day keeps those mites away!
(and other parasites, too!)

When they've lounged enough in their little dust nooks, they get up and shake it all off.
 It creates a big poofy cloud of dust for a moment (reminiscent of "Pig-Pen" from Charlie Brown).

It's a real hoot to watch. 

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