...sometimes even a single feather is enough to fly. (Robert Maclean)


a social story about coping with budging, chicken-style

Life is good in my favorite spot. 
Just chillin', waiting for that egg to come on out. 

Except some days my sisters come in squawking at me.
They want my spot.
They want to lay their egg, too.

I say no. 
This is my spot.

Sometimes they try to bribe me. 

Not even for some extra mealworms, I say. 
This is my spot.

Not even for a better place on the perch.
This is my spot.

Even when they try to walk all over me...
when they step on me, and try to nudge and budge me aside. 

Oh NO.

Not this girl.

This is my spot, I say, in my important voice.

I use my I-statements: 

I don't like it when you try to budge and take my spot.
I want you to please stop.   

Nothing's going to ruffle my feathers.

I will stay in control. 
I will take deep breaths.  
I will count to 10.

If nothing else works, I will get help if I need it.

This is my spot.


Some elementary school humor - I just couldn't resist...!

All silliness aside, in the end, our Brahma stood her ground! 
Jersey ended up choosing one of the other five (apparently less desirable) nesting boxes
(sort of like some kids really want to be in the very front of the line and hate anything else).
No matter how many times Jersey stepped on Brahma and tried to squeeze in there,
NO WAY, NO HOW was she going to give up her spot!  

Great job, girl!
You get a sticker and your sister gets a sad face!

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