...sometimes even a single feather is enough to fly. (Robert Maclean)


Aurora shoes

Okay y'all. 
You've got to take care of your feet.

Did you know that each one of your precious feet
has 26 little bones?
They hold the whole weight of you
all day, day after day.

And it's not just "weight."
It's weight with gravity,
and whatever impacts and forces come along
compounding it all.

The moral of the story is
your feet should be treated well for the job they do every day.

I don't like to 'should' on everybody,
but you should really love on your feet.

Soak them.  Rest them.
Massage them.
Anoint them with oil.

Get thyself to the Aurora Shoe Company!

They'll hook you up
with the most comfortable + gorgeous
hand-made goodness that will mold to your feet.

Your feet.  Your shoes. 
Separate, yet one with each other. 
Things just fit together like they were meant to be.
Because they were.

Total sole mates. 
So cliche, but so true. 

Sasha + Misha
getting their shoe groove on.

Look around.
This place is cool. 

It's sort of like an art studio.

Here's a video:

I love supporting them... 
not just because I love my feet and comfortable, beautiful shoes,
but because I believe deeply
in what they're doing.

Keeping the old arts alive while breathing new life into them.

Having a craft rather than a 'job.' 

It feels good to support local people in what they do.
 They do it so well
and it shows. 

You can't use the word  'product'
for something handmade every inch of the way.

These are created,
not made. 

And they are created with tools like this:

Some wicked cool machinery!

Looks like this Singer has seen a lot of days, which is how it should be.

Oh how I long for the days when machines were well made,
and meant to last for lifetimes. 

There was no planned obsolescence.
No 'protection plan' sold at the checkout.

But I digress.

Rebel against mediocrity.
And factories.

Visit Aurora Shoes on the web
or in person
open Tues-Fri 12-4 or by appointment

There are so many reasons to GO to them rather than ordering online, if you can.
First of all, the vibe is awesome.  It's such a beautiful thing to see real people keeping real and meaningful skills and traditions alive.

The leather smells great.

Oh yes, and did I mention they're half price at the store???

Such a fun trip.
Do it!!!


p.s.  Photo credits to Dana S.  Thanks!!! xo


  1. You did a great job capturing the essence of who we are and what we do. Thank you so much for your kind words!

  2. :) You're so welcome! I love Aurora Shoes and can't imagine my feet without them! (I hope you all keep doing what you do so beautifully for a looooooong time to come!)