...sometimes even a single feather is enough to fly. (Robert Maclean)



!   summer   !
!!! you're here !!!

i love you!

i really, really do.

i hope you know
all the things
 i love
about you.

i love your skies.

i love your iced tea
and afternoon sighs.

i love all your places to sit and just be.

i love all of your colors
that make me feel free.

i love to swing and sway

 or lie down and dream for part of the day.

i love the promise of things to come

and i love your straw hats
that protect me from the sun.

i dig your mucky garden boots and gloves

and the hose that goes
to every plant and flower
to give water and love.

i love the alarm clock
that doesn't matter!

and the overflowing bookshelves
with piles that keep getting fatter...

and i love
my picnic backpack.

it's ready to get up and go!

on a stroll or a hike
to somewhere.
just a blanket,  
some light plates, bowls, and cups.

 along with placemats that hold our silverware 
so i can dine real fine
with that lady of mine.

but don't forget 
the bottle opener for bubblies
and the monocular for spotting things
with wings.

(all we need for the perfect afternoon is
a fresh baguette, a bit of cheese
some fresh fruits and greens...)
and summer,
don't you know

that my belly loves your flavors
(almost all the stuff that grows)

but especially
your cream

cream, cream
we like to churn you
and turn you
into the finest
fat with sugar
 that will melt on our tongues
and down our eager throats.

we churn in rhythm and
say to each other

rock salt it, baby!

then crank it!

and crank it good!


oh, summer!
i knew you'd come back.

thank you for visiting us
once again.

oh, summer!

i hope it feels like a good long while
that you're here with us.

but i'll do my part and make sure
i try to enjoy
every passing minute of you.


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