...sometimes even a single feather is enough to fly. (Robert Maclean)


hatchling snapper

We found a hatchling snapping turtle
on our walk today!
It's so tiny
 and so much
like a little dinosaur.

We carried it home
because there wasn't a pond nearby to put it in,
and we were afraid it would die
if we just left it there.
We thought about putting it in our pond,
but realized that our wily water snakes
would probably love to lap it up for lunch.
While swooning over it's cuteness,
we tried to remember what it will be like when it's not a baby.
Able to bite our fingers off,
it's jaws faster than our reflexes.
Our dogs might not love
going for a swim in the pond
and having jaws of steel
bite their legs and feet.
Then we started to feel a little crazy
for wanting to save it all. 
Who wants a snapping turtle in their pond?
But every creature has it's place in the web of life.
And besides,
who could resist this face?

 We decided to call Cornell wildlife rescue
and listen to what they had to say.
They told us that our little baby was probably only 1-2 days old
since it has a little white thing on it's nose.
It's called an 'egg tooth'
and it's how he/she managed to get out of it's egg.
Poor turtles. 
They're all abandoned before birth.
Reptiles are cold-blooded like that.
Babies have to fend for themselves from day 1.

We put the little one in a bucket
with some moss from our woods
and water from our pond
and a rock to crawl up on.
We'll keep it for the night
and then Cornell will take care of it for the winter
and release it this spring to a pond
when it has a better chance of surviving...
Hopefully it's a story
that will have a happy ending.

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