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Yo-Yo Ma Bach cello suites - prelude 1 & sarabandes 2-6

I stumbled upon these videos of Yo-Yo Ma
playing pieces of Bach's Cello Suites
at Harvard's Sanders Theatre,
and had to share them.
It's so nice to sit back,
drink my Sunday morning coffee,
and really feel the music
to be moved by it. 
Everything about the way Yo-Yo plays
is mesmerizing, especially watching
 the close-ups of his bowing.
Sometimes I find that watching
detracts from the full feel, though.
Mostly I like to close my eyes
so I can let it sing deep into my bones.
Once I had a dream
that I turned into a cello
that for lack of a better phrase,
could play itself.
It was so extraordinarily delicious
to be an instrument...
To be the strings,
to be the bow,
to be the vessel,
and the music. 
no.1 in g major

no. 2 in d minor
no. 3 in c major
no. 4 in e-flat major
no. 5 in c minor
no. 6 in d major

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