...sometimes even a single feather is enough to fly. (Robert Maclean)


itsy bitsy teeny weeny chicken eggs

This is one sorry excuse for an egg!
Not only are we barely getting any eggs
on these shorter autumn days
(and with the whole flock molting to boot!) 
sometimes when we do manage to get lucky and score a rare egg -
this is what we're getting!
 Itsy bitsy
teeny weenies.
A quick google
tells us that are casually called
'fart eggs.'
Also called 'dwarf' or 'wind' eggs.
It seems like it went down the rabbit hole
in Wonderland and drank the shrinking potion
so it could fit through the little bitty door.
Apparently a 'fart egg' is an egg that developed too quickly in the cycle,
and it rarely contains any yolk - just a glob of albumen that was encased by shell.

Our fart egg is pictured here
next to another egg anomaly,
 an egg with a belly button of sorts.
(It probably has a calcium deposit in the shell). 
Another weird egg type we've gotten a couple of times
is a 'soft-shelled' egg when one of the girls hasn't eaten enough calcium...
they're somewhat translucent and very squooshy... 
Life is always interesting
with these wacky chickens!

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