...sometimes even a single feather is enough to fly. (Robert Maclean)


Yakety Yak


Weekend chores can be such a drag!
We work all week,
so excited to have the weekend
and to be at home.
But the reality is,
the weekend is just more work.
Different work.
Definitely more pleasant work
because we can do the chores
with or in the company of our loved ones.
We can wear whatever we want.
And take breaks whenever we want.
We can say, 'Oh $#@$% this #%$%#$ !'
and walk away
and come back later. 
Sometimes the chores
are a lot more fun than our day jobs.
I'd take the most grueling, tiresome chores
over a meeting,
hands down,
any day of the week!!!
Still, it's always work,
until we make time for a little play.
Or turn the work into play,
and try to be light-hearted about it.
as soon as something gets scratched off the to-do list,
something else gets added.
My solution is sometimes
when I'm making the 'to-do' list,
I write down things that I've already just done,
to make myself feel better
and the list seem more manageable.
'Oh look! I've already made so much progress...'
I try to trick my brain,
or just simply acknowledge
all of the things that go into
maintaining a home,
maintaining a life.
Things we are always working at.
It's just the way life goes.
If I start to turn a little sour
and get a bad attitude about it all,
I get down with this catchy old tune, Yakety Yak
and it helps the work go faster.

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