...sometimes even a single feather is enough to fly. (Robert Maclean)


a few things for the holidays

Boo got this sweet and festive little garland of mitties at Greenstar.

I love how they make the bed look so cozy.  

Kitras Art Glass makes these beautiful handblown glass balls,
They have a seasonal series called 'Trees of Enchantment', 
with one ball for each season,
depicting a tree in that time of year.  

This is our winter ball.
I love the blues and purples swirling on and around the tree...
It feels very blustery to me. 

I love the changing of the seasons.
They really are such a perfect metaphor for life.

Any excuse for a kiss, right...?

I love the mistletoe tradition, 
and I have been known to leave the mistletoe up all year!

I used to buy the real deal mistletoe from a farm down in Texas,
but then I read about how toxic it is to pets if they happen to eat one of the berries,
and our dog Calvin eats very random things, including bits from our houseplants, 
so I decided to switch to this.  
It's real mistletoe, dipped and plated.


p.s. Stay tuned for some "barnyard" cookies,
coming later this week!

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