...sometimes even a single feather is enough to fly. (Robert Maclean)


friends in the snow

We just had our first big snow of the season!

The chickens and ducks are cozy in the coop,
spoiled with their heaters, 
and luxuriating in what I jokingly call "coop-service."

We are essentially their maids and innkeepers,
coming daily to freshen up the bedding,
trudging out twice a day to bring fresh water when it's really cold,
and delivering other treats 
like cracked corn, oatmeal, shredded cabbage, and sour milk.

The chickens and ducks have quite a bang up deal.
Never mind that they haven't paid their rent (not a single egg!) in weeks now.

They're running up quite a tab, but they promise to pay us back
for their cushy lodging as soon as spring comes around.

Our wild feathered friends aren't quite so lucky...
They're out there, fending for themselves, 
trying to make it in the real world.

Though we do give them seed and suet...
I don't know how they'd stay warm otherwise, but I suppose they'd manage.

One of my favorite things about snowstorms
is sitting back and watching the birds flock to the feeders,
in their efforts to stock up and stay warm.  

The amount of activity before and during a storm seems to increase significantly.
At one point yesterday, we had at least 30 birds visible just from our couch.

First the juncos come in,
then various finches,
then larger birds like jays.
They came in waves, 
with no real lull in between.
Like a busy day at a restaurant.

11 mourning doves all fluffed out up in the trees...!

And our non-feathered friends are fun to watch in the snow, too:
Our big furry friend is practically camouflaged in the snow... 
(at least when she's relatively clean!)

Except for the pink of her tongue and the black of her nose, 
one might mistake her for a snow drift.  

 At least she's one friend we don't have to worry if she's warm enough out there!

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