...sometimes even a single feather is enough to fly. (Robert Maclean)


back to the garden

I'm so tired of snow.
It's been one storm after another lately.
And we're about to get another one.

We had an unseasonably warm and un-white Christmas,
but ever since then it's been nothing but BURRRRRRRRRRR...
 chock full of all of those wintry chores 
like hauling wood, shoveling, getting plowed out,
and cleaning off / defrosting the car before going to work...!

Oh, and how could I forget
fun occurrences like a frozen / burst pipe 
and flooded family room?!  

It's been so cold and snowy that our wood stove is eating through our wood pile like crazy!
 (We may even run out before spring... yikes!!!)

Walking anywhere off an existing shoveled path right now lands me thigh deep in snow.

It's nuts.

I mean, this is what winter is supposed to be, I guess.
Global warming has messed with our idea of winter.  

This is what winters were like 30 years ago.
As a kid, there was almost always a blizzard in proximity to my birthday...

If only I could believe the environment was getting restored to a healthier state,
but alas, I don't think that's the reason.


I finally see the very good sense 
that friends of ours have 
in "following the sun."

They migrate like many of the birds, heading south, 
and there they stay until things start to turn green up here.

They just bypass the whole ordeal.
No freezing bursting pipes.
No shoveling.
No wood hauling.


I think somewhere in my future
I might become like a migratory bird.  

Summers here.
Winters there.

Sounds nice...!

I guess only time will tell what kind of bird I am.


I don't know what everyone else likes to do in February,
which is sometimes the coldest and snowiest month of all...

I just daydream of getting back to the garden.

And sometimes when I'm daydreaming,
the song Woodstock by Joni Mitchell
comes into my head, because of the verse,
"We've got to get ourselves back to the gar..ar...arden.

Here she is singing it at 3 different stages of her life.
It's amazing to see / hear / feel the changes.



(sorry about the subtitled lyrics, I couldn't find a non-subtitled version...)

Keep daydreaming 
keep singing songs 
that remind you of summer
because the birds 
will be on their way back. 

Not soon enough,
but soon.

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