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seed calendar... aka when to do what, what to do when... with seeds!

Every year I find myself wondering when it's time to start seeds,
and every year I end up having to go online, 
do the research once more, and figure it all out again.

I look for the last average frost date in our area (May 14),
 and the typical time frame (April 15) when the ground is "workable" 
(i.e. time for peas, spinach, etc.)  

I read the back of all of my seed packets 
and then count backwards or forwards from those dates, 
depending on the seed and it's requirements. 

I pay special attention to the things that need to be or are best transplanted in our zone 
(tomatoes, peppers, etc).  

Every year I write it all down, I concoct a calendar of sorts,
but then I set aside my notes somewhere along the way,
most likely in the lazy hazy days of summer when everything is in the ground,
who knows where my chicken scratch notes end up.
One year the mice even nibbled at my notes in the potting shed!

 I'd like to be a little more efficient
and save myself all of that work every year
(and the anxiety of not knowing if I'm behind schedule or not!)
So I decided to make myself a seed calendar.

I can pin it up in the garden shed,
or by my grow lights in the basement.
(I decided to laminate it so that even if the mice find it, they won't be able to nibble it up!)

It's not comprehensive, by any means, 
and it's probably not even 100% accurate,
but it's close enough for my needs.

In the interest of space, I decided to only include the stuff that I enjoy the most 
i.e. the stuff that I'm most likely to grow in the garden.

Voila, my handy dandy seed calendar: 

Then there are also the things you can keep on sowing...
I always forget to keep up with succession planting, so maybe this will remind me:

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