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COOP DREAMS! ... and chicken whirligigs!


Folks, if you want a crash course in backyard chicken keeping, 
or if you just enjoy chickens and chicken people, 
this weekend you can watch all of season 1 of Coop Dreams (10 episodes!)
for FREE online by clicking here.  

We watched two episodes last night and hope to get through the rest by the end of the weekend.
The series was sponsored by the mill where we get our chicken feed,
(best damn chicken feed ever!)

And some of my favorite chicken bloggers are featured on the series,

Just from the first two episodes we're full of ideas like
how much FUN it would be to start up a local chicken coop tour
ala Tour de Coops!!!

People have art trail tours, wine tours, cheese tours, garden tours...
So why not chicken coop tours???

It'd be a hoot and a half to see the way different people house their hens,
and even experienced chicken keepers would still be bound to learn something new.

If we could have had a tour de coops before we built our first coop,
we might have done things a whooooole lot differently.

And FYI, if you think we're over the top 
some of the chicken ladies have truly outdone us in the decorating department...
We had better get on the ball and make some upgrades.  
(one chicken keeper even has a little chandelier for her girls! - LOL!)

Four and a half years into chicken keeping,
we can still say that the girls give us SO MUCH JOY.
They're fun and funny (yes, sometimes a little bitchy) but still totally endearing.
(Not to mention that they give us the most amazing eggs
and garden fertilizer... !

And they're little feathered roto-tillers if you use them to your advantage!)

Just this morning I was emptying an old compost bin, 
topping off some of our raised garden beds with the good stuff,
and they were great little helpers...
They spread it all around for me,
and mixed it in with the soil!

Thanks girls!

Our latest fun addition to the chicken coop 
was this whirligig chicken-flying-a-helicopter.

Here it is with the wind blowing:

If you can't resist getting one of your own,
you can find them at Plow and Hearth.

Enjoy your weekends, folks!

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