...sometimes even a single feather is enough to fly. (Robert Maclean)


weekend pleasures in early autumn

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, the weekend.
Wonderful, wonderful weekend!

In summer, the weekends blur together,
but once the school year starts, 
they take on a whole new dimension. 

We did a whole bunch of stuff this weekend... 
I soaked up every minute of it.

I'll share some highlights:

This weekend Boo warmed up the chilly house 
with late-season tomatoes cooking on the stove...

(You can often get a box of utility canning tomatoes at the Farmer's Market...)

I love watching (and smelling!) the pots full of sauce concentrate their flavors.

I think the sides of the pot are like the rock layers along the highway
where you can look at all of the layers going back through time...

I like to walk into the kitchen 
and look at 
all the layers of tomato, boiling
into sweet 
and savory bliss.

I'm trying to cook a little more,
and during the weekend it's nice to have a leisurely time of it.
I tried a recipe from the NY Times my friend Sarah recommended to me.
Chard and sweet corn gratin with gruyere and parmesan.

It was wonderful!!!

especially with some roasted cauliflower...

all those crunchy browned bits

I had fun harvesting the chard and rosemary from our garden
in one of our gathering baskets.

And getting to use eggs from our girls,
(thank you Goldie and Kalinda!)
and milk from Barb and Steve's jersey cows...

 No matter who is doing the cooking,
it always feels so good 
and so right
to have such fresh and wholesome ingredients,
to know where everything came from.

My hard-working little honey finished stacking the wood we got delivered!
Me oh my, what a worker bee, worker Boo!
We put last year's leftover wood, the most seasoned stuff, off to the side to use up first.
I love the way stacked wood looks.
All those wedges and odd shapes,
it's great abstract art.

 I'm super proud of myself for gathering up my courage 
to finally try out the small chainsaw we bought in the summer...

I had to cut up some logs from the property that were too long for our fireplace,
and I did it!  
Sawdust sprays EVERYWHERE!  
Once I got into the groove of feeling like I could be safe with a very scary tool,
it was actually kind of fun!

 We have a pile of scrap wood next to our firewood shed
where despite being relatively crushed and boxed in, 
this rose continues to bloom.

 Resilience is a beautiful thing, eh?

 At the end of each day,
after our nightly chores of feeding the koi in the pond
and tucking the chickens into the coop,
I walk by the Arcosanti bell in the oak tree by the house.

More often than not,
I see my sweet little chickadee friend roosting in there for the night,
his little tail peeking out from underneath the bell. 

He was there last summer,
and off and on throughout the winter,
and he's still with us now.

Oh, I love that little fellow.

It's so important 
to have the weekend
to reconnect in a deeper way with 

with the place 
and the people
and the things 
that sustain us.


p.s. Isn't it wonderful that the weekend 
is only ever a handful of days away!

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