...sometimes even a single feather is enough to fly. (Robert Maclean)


swingin' chickens

Back during the days of full-time predator lockdown, 
we did everything we could think of 
to make life in the locked run more fun for the girls.  

(Cuz, you know, girls just wanna have fun.)

In one of our backyard flock catalogs 
we had seen a chicken swing advertised before.
At the time I poo-poooed the idea.  
A swing?  
Why would they want to swing?  
And more importantly, why would someone pay good money 
for a plastic chicken swing 
when all you need is a branch and some rope??? 

So with the help of our friend D, 
and Bootsy's knot-tying ingenuity, 
we hobbled together two scrappy swings, 
of different heights for the different size girls. 


Our older hens don't seem especially interested in them,
but those young girls,
the littles and mediums,
with their youthful agility,
some of them really dig it!

By gosh, by golly...  chickens really do like to swing!

So during their lockdown, they had some entertainment
and even now we keep them inside until around 9am.
So while they're waiting for their freedom,
they're secure in their run and they can have a swingin' good time.
Plus they have free access to their swings throughout the day.


Xena, befitting her name, is our most adventurous little girl, 
and she is the most frequent visitor of the swings.   
Her Mamma is usually nearby, watching.

Here's a short video clip.
You can see how she moves her neck to balance herself.
(since she can't hold onto the ropes!)

Xena's a good turn taker.
She doesn't hog the swing all recess like some of the kids on the playground.

She has her fun and then hops off,
gets a drink at the water fountain,
and gets back to her learning-how-to-be-a-big-chicken schedule,
following Mamma around.

Xena likes to keep moving onto the next thing,
always looking around the next corner to see what adventure awaits,
what thing she can hop up on or climb or new patch of soil 
hasn't been scratched.

Her more cautious sisters sometimes look at Xena with envy.
Xena is such a free spirit.

Thelma and Louise are planning an upcoming adventure though.
I just know it.
 Hopefully Louise doesn't have a '66 Thunderbird hiding somewhere.
As long as they don't get in trouble with the law and drive off a cliff,
they can hatch up any adventures their sweet little hearts desire!

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